Loyalty Program

Welcome to our Loyalty Program!

At our small local business, we deeply value our customers who support us regularly.  To show appreciation, we've created a Loyalty Program designed to reward you for your continued patronage.

How the Loyalty Program Works

1. **Earn 0.50% on Every Purchase:** For every dollar you spend, you earn a loyalty percent. The more you shop, the more you accumulate (your rewards do expire every 3 months if you have not shopped with us during that time period).
2. **Redeem Your Loyalty $$:** Enjoy the benefits of being a loyal customer!
3. **Special Offers and Events:** As a loyalty program member, you’ll receive exclusive offers and invitations to special events.

Why Do Loyalty Dollars Expire After 3 Months?

We understand that having points expire might seem inconvenient, but there are a few important reasons for this policy:

1. **Encourages Regular Visits:** By expiring after 3 months, we aim to encourage our customers to visit us more frequently. This helps us build stronger relationships with you and keeps our local community vibrant.
2. **Sustainable Business Model:** As a small business, we need to ensure that our loyalty program remains financially sustainable. Shorter expiration periods help us manage our resources more effectively, ensuring we can continue offering quality products and services to you.
3. **Better Customer Experience:** Regular visits mean we get to know you better, allowing us to tailor our offerings and services to your preferences. This creates a more personalized and enjoyable shopping experience for you.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support. Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to seeing you soon and rewarding you for your loyalty!