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The Annie pillow is a three-panelled lumbar pillow with beautiful black and white striped detailing and an authentic artisanal look and feel. The Annie pillow will look great in boho and modern spaces, with its classic lines and elegant colour palette. 

  • 60% Cotton, 20% Linen, 20% Polyester
  • Made with 80% natural materials. Soft and gentle on the skin. High-quality and durable - this pillow will last.
  • The Annie pillow is 14" x 22" and comes with a 14" x 22" poly pillow fill.
  • Machine wash or hand wash. Wash with like colours. Wash in cold water. Do not wash in hot water as hot water will cause shrinkage.
  • If possible and for best results, wash on delicate machine-wash; however, can also be washed on regular washing machine setting.
  • Hanging to dry is recommended over machine drying. If you need to machine dry, dry on low heat, but please note there may be some minor shrinkage after machine-drying.